Specialised Equipment


Boasts ISO 9001-2015 certification for welded manufacturing and is able to perform:

  • Pedinghaus computer numerically controlled drilling on base plates, flanges, beams and columns
  • Bending of polygonal poles with a plate thickness of up to 16mm and a length of up to 12,500mm in one complete section
  • Plasma cutting up to 45mm and oxy-cutting up to 300mm
  • Automated submerged arc welding up to 4,000mm in diameter

Engineering and Design

C.I.S Engineering is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and the system covers all aspects of the design and manufacturing process.

C.I.S Engineering has access to modern structural analysis techniques such as Finite Element Analysis and designs can therefore be verified in great detail.  All designs are approved by professional engineers.

Full 3D CAD systems include Allycad, Solid Edge & Tekla.

Where required our structures undergo full-scale structural qualification testing.

C.I.S ENGINEERING is a member of the STRUCTA GROUP of companies